Benefits of Concrete Roofing Tile Recycling

Concrete tile roofs have such a long lifespan that recycling is almost an added benefit. While other roofing materials - particularly petroleum-based and fossil-fuel dependent asphalt shingles - clog landfills, our concrete tile's longevity reduces the need for reroofing. But when the time comes to replace a tile roof, it's helpful to remember that concrete tiles are mineral-based, nontoxic, and can be reused in manufacturing.

The bottom line: a longer-lasting roof with a lower carbon footprint

  • Over the long-term, Boral Roofing offers the most cost-effective solution for durability, aesthetics and the environment.
  • Simply put, concrete roof tile offers the best value in a roof over the long term.
  • Boral Roofing's product range includes profiles that emulate wood shake, slate and Spanish clay tiles - for both new construction and reroof applications.
  • With the inherently sustainable properties of concrete roof tile and proprietary roof components, Boral Roofing's Energy Efficient Roof System will protect the structure for decades while offering the added benefit of energy savings.
  • Boral Roofing products carry a fully transferable, non-prorated limited lifetime warranty, are Class A fire rated and have one of the best hail ratings in the industry.
  • Boral Roofing roof tiles have a small carbon footprint due to the environmentally conscious manufacturing process, plant to market transport radius, inherent sustainability and energy efficiency on the roof, and ultimately, its re-use and recyclability.

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